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I want to go to Rome to eat


Last night I saw an Italian movie in which a central theme was food, of course. Italian food is like no other food in the world. I have not been everywhere in the world and have not tried all the foods of the world, because you can truly only experience the real thing in the home country, as imitations in other parts of the world are never up to par, but I don’t even need to try others because Italian is simply the best. Not only is its taste exquisite, it also looks so beautiful. The bright colors of the fruits and vegetables and the freshness of the meat and seafood is simply to die for. Having lived in Italy for eight years and then moving to America, I cannot say how much I miss real, genuine Italian food. In Italy, cooking and enjoying food together is truly an art. It is much more than simply eating for the sake of eating…it is a celebration!

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