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A surprise encounter with a spider


I was at work the other day, and while sitting at the computer doing my work I noticed something crawling out of the corner of my eye. As I looked over to see what it was, I was shocked to see a rather large spider. As it came closer I became increasingly horrified, as I am quite, irrationally, scared of spiders. It is something about all their slender, flexible legs and the way they can move so quickly, and even appear to fly through the air sometimes, that simply sends shivers up my spine. So I jumped up, gather all my things and moved away from the desk. I carefully kept my eye on it as it roamed about the room until I eventually lost sight of it. However I was too scared to sit back down and do my work, in fear that it would creep up on me once again. Thus, I stood guard for the remainder of my time at work. Needless to say, I did not get much work done that day, as this event occurred with about an hour to go before I could leave. I am now always a little apprehensive and on my toes when I go in to work…

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