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Pippi Longstocking



I used to love Pippi Longstocking when I was little. I wasn’t a huge reader as a child, and am still not, but I did love the 1988 film version of Pippi Longstocking. I lived in Italy when I was little, and lucky for me, the movie has been dubbed in 18 languages, including Italian. So the movie that I know and love is the version dubbed in Italian. Yesterday, as I was scanning through channels on TV, I came across the movie, but in English of course. I was so happy to just come across it by accident, but I have to say that watching it in English felt very far removed from my childhood viewing experience of it. It’s amazing how much language can affect our perception of things. Recently, I also came across this touching article about Pippi Longstocking by Conni Schultz, which also brought back memories of this childhood icon for me.

This is the trailer for the 1988 film version I’m talking about just to give you a small glimpse into the joys that this Swedish feminist icon brings to kids (and adults).  I challenge you to not have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day…

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