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Monthly Archives: August 2016

America’s favorite couple


How can you not love these two??

A few of my favorite moments from the 2016 Summer Olympics



When Michael Phelps was trying so hard not to cry during his 20th gold medal ceremony.

Brazilian gymnast, Flávia Saraiva’s, floor routine that ignited her hometown crowd.

The mostly entertaining, sometimes annoying, commentators and their dramatic claims, such as:

“At Simone’s party, everyone is just a guest.”

“There is the future of backstroking in the world.”

“That’s what an Olympics champion looks like.”

“Big scores. They’re on the podium.”

“Dreams are coming true here in Rio.”

“Once you see those five Olympics rings, it’s all real.”

“That was about as perfect as perfect can be.”

“Her score on the balance beam is as astounding as she is.”


The men’s diving competitions, mostly because of their swimsuits…

Discovering that certain sports are part of the Olympics, or even sports at all, such as power walking.

The opening ceremony because it gave the world an insight into Brazil’s history and culture.

Watching the U.S. women’s gymnastics team kick ass and make history.

The Brazilian men’s soccer team winning the gold medal over Germany.

The Carnivale dance party during the Closing Ceremony.

The final recap after the Closing Ceremony that brought all of us at home to tears.




I’m currently obsessed with this song! I think it’s absolutely infectious.

Latino artists in the Midwest


Recently, for my job at the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, I’ve been conducting interviews with Latino/a artists along with Art Historian Amelia Malagamba in an effort to compile oral histories and trace Latino art in the Midwest. Not only are their families’ migration stories very interesting, as well as what inspires them artistically, they produce beautiful work that I think is worth looking at. Here are just a few examples:


Ramiro Rodriguez – Elementos de Chavon


Ramiro RodriguezGreat Blue


Maria TomasulaHeritor 


Maria TomasulaVirgin of Guadalupe 


Maclovio Cantú IVMarcos


Maclovio Cantú IV


Ricco DiamanteWinter Solstice 


Ricco DiamanteAtargatis


Salvador MoyaAlien Status


Salvador MoyaFeeding Hearts


Elena Zarandona


Elena Zarandona 


Federico Rodriguez


Federico Rodriguez

Romance Novels for Dummies


I had the pleasure of seeing Romance Novels for Dummies at the Williasmtown Theater Festival yesterday, featuring the one and only Justin Long! He has performed in several plays at the festival and is basically a regular now. This play was both funny and heartbreaking, to the point where I saw many people in the audience wiping tears from their face. I myself was doing everything I could to stop the tears from coming out. It was about death, starting over, family dynamics, and of course, online dating, which is a whole other topic in itself. Justin Long even sported a man bun (and a Boston accent)! Here’s a little promotional video for the play, in which Justin Long asks local Williamstown folks about their worst dating experiences.