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“I wish to belong to it…”


This is perfect.


I couldn’t find a digital version of this article from Driftless magazine, so bear with my pictures. Driftless pays homage to the coziness of the Midwest, which I find delightful since I’m from Indiana. “Who We Are at the Edge” by Michele Popadich is an ode to the struggle between the city and the outdoors, which I can definitely relate to after moving to Chicago from a small town nestled in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts (which I absolutely loved)! It’s not that I don’t love Chicago, because I do for its diversity and cultural richness, but man I wish I could go for a drive in a beautiful, peaceful countryside sometimes…escape to a place that allows for reflection and renewal.


Popadich points out an interesting conundrum of wanting to belong to nature, but feeling like an outsider looking in no matter how hard one tries to be fully immersed in it. I think this is especially true for those of us who live in a city and have to travel to nature for some respite. Perhaps those who live within nature feel more connected to it. Either way, how lovely is it to get away from the buildings and cars and people and pollution, and see some trees and cows and take in the fresh smells of the earth?? Trying to feel as one with nature as possible by absorbing all of its splendor 🙂

The photographs are by Isabel Fajardo. Check out her nature photos, but also all the rest because they are magnificent!

Latino artists in the Midwest


Recently, for my job at the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, I’ve been conducting interviews with Latino/a artists along with Art Historian Amelia Malagamba in an effort to compile oral histories and trace Latino art in the Midwest. Not only are their families’ migration stories very interesting, as well as what inspires them artistically, they produce beautiful work that I think is worth looking at. Here are just a few examples:


Ramiro Rodriguez – Elementos de Chavon


Ramiro RodriguezGreat Blue


Maria TomasulaHeritor 


Maria TomasulaVirgin of Guadalupe 


Maclovio Cantú IVMarcos


Maclovio Cantú IV


Ricco DiamanteWinter Solstice 


Ricco DiamanteAtargatis


Salvador MoyaAlien Status


Salvador MoyaFeeding Hearts


Elena Zarandona


Elena Zarandona 


Federico Rodriguez


Federico Rodriguez

Learning to love the charms of the Midwest


This fall I set out to capture various charms of the Midwest and Autumn splendor. I have always been a city girl, but lately I have been drawn to the quieter, calmer comforts of small towns. I reside in the Midwest (and have never been too fond of it), but I have recently grown more accustomed to it.

I use an old-fashoined SLR camera, not a digital camera. My intent is not to create a perfect picture by immediately checking what I have shot, but rather to capture things as they are full of imperfections. I also love the surprise of not knowing exactly what the picture will look like until later on when it is developed.



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