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Ibexx – “Static”


I recently randomly came across this video by Ibexx through a friend in my Facebook newsfeed and I have had it stuck in my head ever since I first watched it! As far as I can tell, this is the only solo song she currently has out, but I CANNOT wait for more from where this came from. She is featured on “Uneven Ground” by Winnetka on the EP entitled This Place (which I also just randomly discovered by looking this girl up and recommend you check out). Her voice is angelic and soothing, and I love the way this beat and melody work together. Not to mention the interesting artistic direction of the video…let’s hope there’s more coming our way!



I’m currently obsessed with this song! I think it’s absolutely infectious.

In honor of my friend’s new cat…


Because my friend just got a new cat and named her Ophelia…and I just like this video and his ever so subtle dance moves 🙂

Morocco anyone?


Call me a hippie if you want…


But I love this song…and this video.

As the lyrics suggest…


And I just like this performance.

Vampire Weekend – Step


I love the focus on architecture and form in this video. Not to mention the quirky lyrics…

These dance moves…


I saw Future Islands perform at Pitchfork Musical Festival in Chicago recently, and not only can I not get their music out of my head, I also can’t get enough of these dance moves…Samuel T. Herring has the talent and the charisma. It was such a fun show.

For more of these stellar dance moves, check out this full concert posted by NPR Music.

Something Good


The references to bull fighting in this video remind me of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, which I think is a great summer read. This song doesn’t seem quite intense enough for a bull fight, but I suppose the slow motion in which we see the bull fighter fall to his fate matches the song’s slow tempo. Either way, I thoroughly enjoy this song.

Just a little ditty that’s stuck in my head…


There’s something about this song that embodies summer for me. I don’t like to dance, but as the lyrics suggest, “Dancing on, do the boogie all night long” is a sentiment that comes to mind when I hear this song.