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As I struggle to do my logic homework, I wonder what the implications of not being able to think logically are. And whether or not simply not being able to do a logic problem means that I can’t think logically. How important are logic problems to our ability to reason? Based on my less than affectionate attitude towards logic, not very. The problem is, my brain just cannot seem to make the connection between logical symbolism and the premises and conclusions it is suppose to represent. Furthermore, I don’t particularly like logic, and therefore can’t seem to force myself to put forth the effort required to fully understand it.

The reason I am not very fond of logic is because to me, it sucks the life out of words. It’s goal is to simplify everything and, in a sense, create a universal language that everyone can understand through symbolism. While it may simplify individual words to symbols, these symbols do not convey any emotion to me. The reason I love words so much is because they convey emotion and feeling and life! Words can be ambiguous on purpose to leave interpretation up to the reader, and this is what makes words interesting and intriguing. Symbolic logic does not leave anything up for interpretation because it simply, and without emotion, states what it means. And this is bothersome to me. Another reason I struggle with logic is that it is very closely related to mathematics, an area of study that has seldom been my friend.

Although, I suppose I understand why people pursue logic…it can be a fun game at times, and it can be very clear-cut.

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