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Monthly Archives: October 2011

“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


This is one of those songs that makes me feel really at home. I travel back and forth a lot between two places, Indiana and Massachusetts, and when I’m away in MA, this song brings me back home. Upon hearing this song for the first time I immediately fell in love with it and had to further inquire. It’s something about the raw authenticity about the song and sincerity that makes me feel so connected to it. Isn’t that what music is supposed to do…? Elicit a connection between the music and the listener? I think so, and this song is so endearing, it’s really worth a listen or two. I love the idea of feeling at home wherever the one you love is, because I think it is so true and so telling of real love. So whether I am in Indiana or Massachusetts, I always listen to this song and it reminds me of where home is – with the one I love.

MOVITS! – Fel Del Av Gården (Officiell) – YouTube


MOVITS! – Fel Del Av Gården (Officiell) – YouTube.

Super cool Swedish hip hop/swing music! I just saw them at Lotus Fest in Bloomington, IN & they were amazing!