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Private life vs. public life


What is the difference between the lives we lead in our homes, in private, and the lives we  lead in out in the public? I often wonder why it is that we are more productive in the public, at least I am, than in private. I think it is because in public, we are held accountable for our actions. We can’t just do as we please, but rather we feel the need to be productive because people are watching us. But in private, we can waste away because no one will know…This is why I always find myself going to places like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, & local coffee shops to do work (yes, I’m one of those sorry people). But, I am not apologetic for it! I love the atmosphere of coffee shops, with people talking around me and the stirrings of coffee machines. It somehow really evokes productivity for me. Oh, and not to mention the jazz music that is typically played. And who wouldn’t be inspired in a bookstore surrounded by lots of books written by others? Never mind that most of them are probably no good, their mere presence (ignore the cover) is inspiring. So, although I should probably be working at a library, or in my home, I just don’t find those places very inspiring. Libraries are too quiet and my home is too distracting (and I can get away with doing anything but work)!

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