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Life transitions


I recently made a big life transition – I moved away from home and started my first serious post-college job. Having graduated from college a year ago, I spent my first year out of college working a couple of part-time jobs that I wasn’t particularly fond of. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like them, they just weren’t what I thought I would be doing after college. Getting your first ‘real job’ after college is exciting, but also scary. I was definitely scared/worried/nervous about moving far away from home, living by myself, and not knowing anyone in the town I was relocating to. But, as everyone does, I knew I needed to get away from home, gain independence, experience a new kind of environment, and do some soul-searching (i.e. figure out what I want to do with my life).

So, the transition has actually gone really smoothly. I love my new town and my new job (well, more so than what I was doing before anyway), and am actually enjoying the time spent alone. It can be scary and certainly sad and lonely, but only if you let it be that way. Spending time alone can be a great opportunity to think about your life, explore different things, and do things that you wouldn’t otherwise have time to do like read, watch movies/shows, exercise, go out and explore, work on projects, etc.

Taking that big first step is difficult and scary but, for me at least, it has been well-worth it.

My lovely  new home



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