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Graduation blues


I recently graduated from college, from a small all women’s liberal arts school in Indiana – Saint Mary’s College. It is a relief to be done with all the work, but I am certainly going to miss going to classes and gaining all the wonderful knowledge that I have gained at Saint Mary’s College the past few years. I did not always like Saint Mary’s, as I transferred to another school and then transferred back, and I am so glad I did. Saint Mary’s is so much more than a school where one goes to classes and gets a degree…it really shapes the whole person and builds one’s character to be a confident woman ready to take on roles of leadership in the world. I am going to miss the intellectual stimulation that I received at Saint Mary’s everyday, and I was scared that my intellectual exercise would plummet after graduation because I find that it is harder to self-motivate myself to be productive if I do not have a due date or the guidance of a professor. However, I have tried to stay interested and informed. I finally have time to read for relaxation as opposed to reading for an assignment, which never ceased. I thought I would really really miss school with all the classes, studying, and homework, and so far I have a little bit, but not as much as I thought I would. Perhaps I just haven’t been out long enough yet and it has not entirely settled in that I am no longer a student and graduated…Either way, graduating certainly feels like an accomplishment, but I will miss college…

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