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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Private life vs. public life


What is the difference between the lives we lead in our homes, in private, and the lives we ┬álead in out in the public? I often wonder why it is that we are more productive in the public, at least I am, than in private. I think it is because in public, we are held accountable for our actions. We can’t just do as we please, but rather we feel the need to be productive because people are watching us. But in private, we can waste away because no one will know…This is why I always find myself going to places like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, & local coffee shops to do work (yes, I’m one of those sorry people). But, I am not apologetic for it! I love the atmosphere of coffee shops, with people talking around me and the stirrings of coffee machines. It somehow really evokes productivity for me. Oh, and not to mention the jazz music that is typically played. And who wouldn’t be inspired in a bookstore surrounded by lots of books written by others? Never mind that most of them are probably no good, their mere presence (ignore the cover) is inspiring. So, although I should probably be working at a library, or in my home, I just don’t find those places very inspiring. Libraries are too quiet and my home is too distracting (and I can get away with doing anything but work)!

A surprise encounter with a spider


I was at work the other day, and while sitting at the computer doing my work I noticed something crawling out of the corner of my eye. As I looked over to see what it was, I was shocked to see a rather large spider. As it came closer I became increasingly horrified, as I am quite, irrationally, scared of spiders. It is something about all their slender, flexible legs and the way they can move so quickly, and even appear to fly through the air sometimes, that simply sends shivers up my spine. So I jumped up, gather all my things and moved away from the desk. I carefully kept my eye on it as it roamed about the room until I eventually lost sight of it. However I was too scared to sit back down and do my work, in fear that it would creep up on me once again. Thus, I stood guard for the remainder of my time at work. Needless to say, I did not get much work done that day, as this event occurred with about an hour to go before I could leave. I am now always a little apprehensive and on my toes when I go in to work…

I want to go to Rome to eat


Last night I saw an Italian movie in which a central theme was food, of course. Italian food is like no other food in the world. I have not been everywhere in the world and have not tried all the foods of the world, because you can truly only experience the real thing in the home country, as imitations in other parts of the world are never up to par, but I don’t even need to try others because Italian is simply the best. Not only is its taste exquisite, it also looks so beautiful. The bright colors of the fruits and vegetables and the freshness of the meat and seafood is simply to die for. Having lived in Italy for eight years and then moving to America, I cannot say how much I miss real, genuine Italian food. In Italy, cooking and enjoying food together is truly an art. It is much more than simply eating for the sake of eating…it is a celebration!

Mad Men


Have you seen it? It’s pretty incredible.

Although the 5th season just began a couple of weeks ago, I only recently started watching Mad Men this past summer. I gradually began watching it and as I learned of the 5th season starting in March, it was a mad dash to watch the first four seasons in their entirety before the fifth began. As I spent most all of my free time watching Mad Men, I was sad as I approached the end of the fourth season, thinking my intense love affair with Mad Men was about to come to an end. Now that the fifth season has started, it is a bit difficult for me to remain interested in it seeing it so seldom, only once a week, and only one episode at a time. I looooveeeed Mad Men before, so for me to say that is quite a big deal. I still like the show immensely, but there certainly is a difference between watching as much as you want whenever you want, and having to wait one week before seeing the next episode and for only a short time.

That being said, I still believe Mad Men is one of the best shows on television. Perhaps I am biased because I am very drawn to anything regarding the 60s. The style – the clothing and the furniture – drive me crazy! I want to possess all of it. And I mean that in the least greedy way possible. I simply admire the modern design. The characters and the various stereotypes of the time that they represented in the show are fascinating. And as the show has evolved from its beginning until its present state, it is likewise fascinating to see how the characters have developed, namely Don and Peggy. I have really grown fond of and close to the characters, as I feel connected to them even though they are simply fictional characters. I think this phenomenon is quite common, if not universally common to many television shows, films, and literature, and what draws us to these art forms.

I suppose all we can do is see where this new fifth season takes us and hope for the best!

Philosophy, as a way of life


I am currently a college student, a senior, majoring in Philosophy, and last week I took my senior comprehensive exam needed in order to graduate. It was a grueling four hour exam, but I felt rather accomplished afterward and so relieved and happy when I found out that I had passed two days later. Reflecting back on my time studying philosophy, in light of the exam, I am reminded of how happy I am that I chose the philosophical path as opposed to any other area of study.

Philosophy saves my soul. It truly does. And this is why I decided to study philosophy. There is something about the possibility of acquiring ultimate truths about the world that makes one feel complete and accomplished. As I study various philosophers with differing viewpoints, I have to sift through them and decide which ones I seem to agree with, for the time being anyway, as they can always change, as I believe life is a constant evolution of new ideas and perspectives based on experiences. But once I find one, or a few that I like, I follow them and they become a way of life for me. That’s what I think is so great about philosophy – it can guide you and become a way of life that you embody, and, as philosophy’s goal is to attain ultimate truths about things and find true happiness, that way of life is very rewarding and, in my opinion, far superior to a life unexamined. This is how philosophy saves my soul, and I am so thankful everyday that I did indeed go down the philosophical path of inquiry and self-fulfilment.