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Daily Archives: August 29, 2012

Thank you, Obama, for free birth control


I am a supporter of Obama’s new birth control legislation. I think free birth control is great, and necessary, and I’m sorry to those religious folks who have a problem with it. I don’t believe we necessarily have an overpopulation problem, but there is clearly an extreme lack of dispersal of resources among all people. Few people have an overabundance and many people don’t have enough. If this lapse cannot be fixed, which has proven to be the case so far, not because of lack of possibility, but due to lack of desire by enough people to truly make a difference. Therefore, I think we need to be proactive when it comes to curbing births, especially of unwanted babies who will not be properly taken care of once born and grow up to perpetuate problems in society. This is why I think easy and widespread access to birth control is important.

Why should people be asked to give up the pleasures in life in fear of getting pregnant? They shouldn’t. Thus, I am grateful for President Obama’s new legislation on pregnancy prevention and care.