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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Memorial Day – another reminder of how un-American I feel


Having been born in Rome, Italy and grown up there for the first 8 years of my life, moving the U.S., especially Indiana, was not such a happy prospect for me. Consequently, I have never felt very American…I have just never really identified myself as an American. Not that I identify with being Italian either, since there are no Italians in my lineage and it’s been 10 years since I have been back to Italy, so I guess I can’t identify myself with any nationality, which is sometimes a scary thing. Where do I belong? I often think, on a day in Indiana when I am particularly aware of its unpleasantness, certainly not here. But then, on other occasions, I think it’s not all that bad. My family is here after all, and your family is really all you have.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, while all the true Americans were having their cookouts and drinking beer, I was reminded of how un-American I feel. I just can’t relate and I don’t fit in. It kind of disgusts me actually. I am not patriotic and I don’t understand it.

Bare skin



What is it about bare skin that makes it so irresistible? This occurred to me recently since the weather is getting warmer and women (and men) are showing more skin. I, for one, wore a dress yesterday, and not to sound narcissistic, but I kept looking at my legs, especially in the evening when the light has a certain alluring effect on things, and thinking – what is it about bare skin that is so captivating? Maybe it’s the rarity factor – that bare skin is only seen occasionally and only by a few of the person’s closest family, friends, or significant others. Maybe it is its natural quality, that bare skin is such a natural thing, yet we often cover it up because we don’t want others to see it, even though they have bare skin too. Maybe it appeals to our sensuality, and even though we may not be overtly thinking about it, we subconsciously make a connection between bare skin and sensuality or sexuality. I think those that show their bare skin feel a sense of freedom, of not having to cover themselves up, of feeling the air or sunshine against their skin and it feels good.



I have recently been inspired to do something with plants. I got a kitten a few months ago and now, due to her, we can no longer have plants or flowers in the house because her curiosity gets away from her. So, I have been trying to think of a way to still have some kind of greenery presence in the house without harming the kitty’s health.


There is a fabulous garden shop here in South Bend called Marigolds where I found some cute hanging quasi-terrariums. Inspired by the owner’s creations that she had on display, I thought it would be fun to create my own. So this is what I made, and it was so fun to make, I am thinking about getting another one!

Worldly connections



Do you ever wonder what random people in other parts of the world are doing? Or how you can personally be connected to people in other countries? What parallels might run through people living completely separate lives in completely different places? Since I love traveling and have been to most of the countries in Europe, I sometimes think about what people might be doing at any given moment in Rome or Paris, or Singapore, a place I have not been to. This thought occurred to me this morning as I was waiting at a stop light and there was a man on a moped in the lane next to me. In northern Indiana, this seemed very out of place because one in a million people drive a moped here. But as I grew up in Italy, I was used to seeing people on mopeds constantly since it is such a common, natural way to get around there. So when I saw this man on the moped this morning, I thought about Italians that were riding their mopeds in Rome at that very moment, a world away. It is interesting how something like that can remind you of something that occurs in a different part of the world, and while you are not personally experiencing it in that other part of the world, by seeing it where you are, you are connected to others that might be doing it somewhere else in the world.

Sometimes I think – How can I be connected to every single person in the world? We can, quite easily actually, because we are all joint by human nature. But we are also connected on a more personal level in that we share similar experiences of thought, emotion, hope, despair, etc. even though we may be worlds apart and lead very different lives. This is one of the things that makes life beautiful – to think about people in other parts of the world and feel connected to them. I only wonder if they share the same feeling…