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Bike MS



My friends will be participating in the BP MS 150  in April, which is a 150-mile bike from Houston to Austin. In order to participate they each have to raise $500, which goes towards research to treat and cure MS. They train for months to endure this grueling ride, which takes two days. This is something that I care about a lot because it hits close to home for me, and I can’t wait to cheer them on at the finish line in Austin! I’ve already donated, but if you can, please consider donating to my friend Katie’s fundraising efforts!

9 thoughts on “Bike MS

      1. A Dude Abikes

        My first ride was 50 miles on a 32-pound steel bike. I did some of the group training rides, since it was for charity. I didn’t know what clip-ins were or have much hill climbing experience. It was very difficult, but I did it! It took a year and 3,000 miles before I repeated that ride but doubled my fundraising and miles to 104. MS 150 took me 5,306 miles and another year to get ready for that. Depends on your fitness, weight, age, etc. Hopefully your preparation will be alot less time and effort!

      2. A Dude Abikes

        I would agree. I found myself able to do more than my goal, so I just kept doing it. Up to about 15,000 miles in 3.5 years. But many do way more. And quality is as or more important than quantity. Just depends what your situation abilities, time and interests are.

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