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An Eye for Beauty



You know those movies that just get you and you just get them? Not necessarily because they’re very relatable, but simply because of the way they make you feel and think about things. I recently had such an experience, and I love these experiences, but they seem to be few and far between. I saw the Canadian film, An Eye for Beauty, which I knew would be good after seeing the trailer, but the actual film really blew me away. I’m interested in design, so the discussion about design, although not extensive, definitely caught my attention. More so than that, though, the complicated human characters and relationships were really intriguing; not to mention the French language, which is always alluring. I won’t say much more about it because you should see it rather than just take my word for it.



What is our fascination with babies? I have to admit, I myself sometimes indulge in that fascination, but why? What is it about babies that drives people mad with admiration and joy? I don’t particularly have any desire to have children, but I still get giddy when I see a really cute child, but I don’t know why since I don’t want one myself. Or when we’re holding a baby, which I was doing recently, and we stare at him or her in anxious anticipation of eliciting a reaction – a smile, a laugh, or any kind of sign of interaction with us. We also admire whatever adorably cute outfit they have on and praise the parents for dressing them so well. Although there are people who claim to truly hate babies, I think to a certain extent, we are naturally drawn to babies and are fascinated by them because we can’t quite understand them. We recognize that we were all babies at one time, but we can’t remember that time in our lives and what it was like to be a baby, so the peculiarity about what babies can see or understand or what they make of us intrigues us.