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The inevitable injustice…


Don’t you ever stand back to look at the world and hate the way it works?

There is such a vast disconnect between good and evil in the world, the two extremes never meet and face each other, and therefore the gap between them becomes increasingly more vast. What can be done about this scares me to think that it is virtually an impossible problem to solve.

When thinking about what I want to do with my life I feel that, as a relatively privileged member of society, it is my duty to help others. Not in a charity kind of way, but in a way that can positively make a long-lasting change. Perhaps the obvious way to do this is by working for non-profits for various causes. Or get in involved in the government. The problem with trying to make a change like this is that despite all the hard work you put into it, someone may come along and destroy everything you’ve done. This is the heartbreaking possibility that one must realize when endeavoring to make a change.

With so many tragic problems in the world, where does one begin? This is certainly a struggle I have tried to overcome. What issue or issues have priority? There is certainly no easy answer, so perhaps the one you have to go with is the one you are most passionate about, even if there may be many more pressing matters. Another struggle I  face, is in which way I want to help make an impact. It is not an easy decision, as I want to do what would bring about the most positive impact, and it is hard to tell which way that is until ventured…

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