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Daily Archives: September 6, 2012

Post-college conundrum


As a recent college graduate looking for a job, the hardest thing I find about being in this position is not looking for a job itself, but rather adjusting my mindset from a college student to a working person. In college, at least for me as a philosophy major, it was all about your ideas and how well you can process and analyze information. Not to mention, writing well too. But in the working world, it’s about your skills and what kind of set of skills you have to offer to sell to someone that needs them and can use you for them. This adjustment is what I have a hard time with because I do really miss what was wanted from you in college intellectually and not too eager to have someone use me because of my skills in the ‘real world. But I suppose only time and experience will tell which of the two very different worlds I prefer, or whether or not there is one that is simply ethically better.