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Sporting Events



Sporting events are interesting because they can become so intense that they almost feel like a fight to the death – maybe like what Roman fights were like in the Colosseum. It’s one side against the other and there is no objectivity, just subjectivity. Like when a foul is called on one team, even if it was valid, the fans don’t accept it as true (even if they might realize it as true). There is no objective reality in the opinion of the fans. Furthermore, fans feel a personal connection with a team or an individual athlete, but that team or athlete doesn’t know it or feel it. Fans not only support individual athletes and teams, but they also really connect to the tradition of it all. The tradition and hope for the future success of the athlete or team is what, I think, draws people to sports the most.



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Pets, and animals in general, are subject to our wishes. I find this rather sad because many animals, especially the ones people keep as pets, are vulnerable to the care, or mistreatment, of their human owners. I, a loving and caring pet owner (of the two pictured above), often think of those pets less fortunate that have owners who do not care for them as much as I care about my pets and perhaps mistreat them. The poor pet is in no way responsible for his or her own being, but rather subject to his or her owner and how the owner chooses to care for them. The way that people mistreat and neglect their animals is very sad to me, simply because I care for my pets so much. It seems that we, as human beings, have power over animals because we have a higher reasoning capacity. But animals were on the planet before us, and therefore perhaps think that they have power over us, and potentially do and could if they revolted against us, which is a scary thought if it came to that. Although I think they would have every right to do so.



What makes certain events stand out more than others and makes them more significant and lasting than others? It seems there are some events that hold more weight than others for whatever reason, either because they are inherently more important or because we value them more. Certain events like births, deaths, marriages, divorces, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, big exams, etc. stand out in our mind as more important perhaps because we found them particularly joyous or sad, or as big achievements. It is important to have these kinds of substantial events to remember and reflect on when our lives seem mundane, to remind ourselves that we have had good (and bad) experiences in life that make living worthwhile and not so dreary.



Are there things that one does in life that are so bad that cannot be pardoned? That no matter what, there is no way out of it or no way of explaining it in hopes of rectifying it? I think so. There is something I have done that comes to mind, which I won’t reveal, that occasionally visits my conscious and I just can’t find any way of excusing it or expecting understanding and forgiveness. How do we deal with such things? Forget about them, face them knowing there is no way out, what…? I guess we just have to face it when it comes into our heads every once in a while and try to accept the fact that it happened and it can’t be changed.