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Pets, and animals in general, are subject to our wishes. I find this rather sad because many animals, especially the ones people keep as pets, are vulnerable to the care, or mistreatment, of their human owners. I, a loving and caring pet owner (of the two pictured above), often think of those pets less fortunate that have owners who do not care for them as much as I care about my pets and perhaps mistreat them. The poor pet is in no way responsible for his or her own being, but rather subject to his or her owner and how the owner chooses to care for them. The way that people mistreat and neglect their animals is very sad to me, simply because I care for my pets so much. It seems that we, as human beings, have power over animals because we have a higher reasoning capacity. But animals were on the planet before us, and therefore perhaps think that they have power over us, and potentially do and could if they revolted against us, which is a scary thought if it came to that. Although I think they would have every right to do so.

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