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Do you ever feel guilty about something and not know whether that guilt is justified? What is it that triggers this guilt? Sometimes I feel guilty for the privileges and luxuries that I have when I think about people who don’t have these same things. But what is one supposed to do in this instance? Give up all that one has and offer it to someone else? That may make the guilty feeling go away, but then one is left with nothing and that doesn’t seem to solve the issue; the guilt would be gone, but living with nothing would be miserable. Or is that the point – to make yourself feel miserable in order to empathize with those who have less than you do? I think the quandary of how to compensate for feeling guilty about what you have is complicated and layered. It is not at all transparent how to go about making yourself feel better about it, and even if you do feel better about it, that doesn’t help the people who you felt guilty about in the first place; it only helps you.



Are there things that one does in life that are so bad that cannot be pardoned? That no matter what, there is no way out of it or no way of explaining it in hopes of rectifying it? I think so. There is something I have done that comes to mind, which I won’t reveal, that occasionally visits my conscious and I just can’t find any way of excusing it or expecting understanding and forgiveness. How do we deal with such things? Forget about them, face them knowing there is no way out, what…? I guess we just have to face it when it comes into our heads every once in a while and try to accept the fact that it happened and it can’t be changed.