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The movies


It’s interesting how much time people spend talking about movies even though they’re not real. But I suppose this applies to literature and TV shows as well. But there’s something about the movies and how you can hear the rumblings of people sharing their opinions at the end of a film as the credits start rolling and the lights come on. Growing up, I vividly remember my parents and I going out to dinner after the movies and spending a majority of the dinner talking about the movie we just saw. It’s interesting to hear different perspectives from everyone and how thoughts about a movie come to you little by little, so there is always something else to say about it.

Movies represent life. We can see so much of ourselves in them, and not only us but others as well. This is what makes them seem so real to us even though they are completely fictionalized. They are, of course, based upon life as many of them represent true stories, but the way in which those stories are captured and put into a movie format is created and stylized. Movies that are based on true events are not organic, but are thoughtfully produced in every aspect from the sequence of the plot, to the characters, to the soundtrack, to the costumes, etc. Movies, even those based on true events, transport us to a different time and place, but are still connected to reality and that is why we can see ourselves in them so vividly.

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