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Reflections on running a booth at a flea market


My mom and I have recently started experimenting with a new business venture in antiques. We started with a booth at a flea market three months ago, and were not very successful. We didn’t lose any money, we broke even, and even made a little bit of money! It was a marginal amount, however, and didn’t seem worth all the work we put into it of hauling everything around and pricing each item. Needless to say, this flea market was pretty junky and we were lazy with our selling techniques because we didn’t have much hope that we would actually sell a lot. We have since transferred over to a nicer place that is much less junky and much more classy. We had a booth at the old place, whereas we have just a bookcase at the new place, which also makes our rent cheaper and increases our chances of making more of a profit!

Old booth: 


New booth: