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When you host a naked party, but you’re the only one who’s naked…


This was the setting of the most bizarre and comical scene in Toni Erdmann, the German film that was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars this year. It did not win, but the dry humor that prevails throughout definitely makes it a good contender. It’s a very long film, which I wasn’t prepared for, rounding out at about 2 1/2 hours, and its slowness makes it feel even longer. I almost left at one point because it started to drag on, but thank god I didn’t because at about the two hour mark, this scene of humorous hysteria ensued.


The main character, Ines, hosts a buffet lunch at her apartment for her consulting colleagues in an effort to encourage team-building. The naked component of the luncheon is not exactly planned, but as Ines has trouble adjusting her tight dress right as the first guest rings the doorbell, she impulsively decides to answer the door naked after she struggles to get out of her dress. First a friend arrives, who then leaves because she does not agree to strip down, followed by her boss, assistant, and other colleagues. As they’re awkwardly standing around naked, Ines’s dad, who is the primary source of comedy throughout the movie, shows up in a looming, furry costume. While those at the party are mostly disconcerted by his appearance, it somehow brings Ines and her father closer together after a tumultuous relationship.This whole scene is carried out in a completely serious manner with everyone maintaining straight faces as if colleagues standing around naked at a party is perfectly normal, which is what makes the entire audience LOL!

Laughing for days…


In light of the fact that Bernie has officially ended his campaign, and as I’m struggling to come to terms with and accept Hillary’s campaign, let’s just take a moment to poke fun at the other side’s candidate…I know this video is from a while back, but in case you missed it, here’s some seriously funny stuff about Trump from John Oliver!

Now let’s juxtapose some of Trump’s idiotic spewings with this very eloquent and heartfelt speech by Obama at the recent memorial in Dallas.

It’s a scary time politically, but a little comedy along with a reminder of our current President’s brilliance may help for the time being.

Kitchen backslashes


I recently saw the movie, Mother’s Day, and while not a great movie, it was at least entertaining. What did hold my attention though were the kitchens! As a lover of all things related to Interiors, I was so distracted during the scenes that took place in kitchens because all I could focus on was the backsplash or the light fixtures. What also sparked my interest was the fact that one of the characters is an Interior Designer and lands an awesome project, pictured below (interior designer on the right and awesome client on the left). If only it was that easy! Unfortunately I can’t find any pictures of the kitchens, but I guess you’ll just have to see the movie to know what I’m talking about!





Nebraska is a film about aging, and it not only resonates with older people for whom aging is more of a concern, but as a young person I also felt like I could relate to it because it was very much about the children taking care of their parents and watching them age. While watching the film I started to think about my parents aging and how difficult it will be to witness that several years from now and it made me really sad. It must be very trying to see your parents unable to do things as they used to and unable to remember things that seem so subconscious. And then to think that this path only leads to death and the thought of not having your parents around anymore, ever, is absolutely heartbreaking. It is for me anyway because I am very close to my parents, but I suppose that not everyone is and so I can imagine that not everyone feels this way.

Nebraska provides an interesting commentary on rural, lower to middle class America. The vast expanse of the American west is apparent and not necessarily in a good way. Let’s put it this way – if you ever think of your town as being the worst place on earth, think again because it could be worse. I think the black & white cinematography only reinforces this sentiment, but it is also beautiful at times. The movie is quite funny, especially Woody’s lack of awareness and indifference, and his wife, Kate, with her inappropriate wit and criticisms of all those around her. The lack of communication combined with the unwillingness of people to listen and understand each other also sets the stage for a comical series of misunderstandings. I appreciate the authentic feel of the film, as it seems that several of the characters are real people and not actors. This is something that is typical of low budget films, so it was surprising to see it in a big Hollywood movie, but also refreshing. David Grant, Woody’s son played by Will Forte who has mostly done comedy, plays a very serious role and is one of the only sympathetic characters. He is the only one that is supportive and caring for his father from the beginning. The film is funny, but underneath the banter it has a very serious tone and brings to light the difficulties of aging, not only for the aging, but also for the young who have to watch it occur.