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The Spirit of the Cat



Cats have  a curiosity that is unlike any other domestic animal, that I’ve had at least. In comparison to dogs, for example, cats are curious in a way that dogs just aren’t. They are not afraid and they get into everything. They are explorers, hunters, risk-takers, rascals, etc. Cats love to find the smallest space they can get into, and get into it. They like to jump onto a table full of things and sometimes display their agility and delicately walk around the pieces, and sometimes not. They like to get in your face while you’re eating, as they try to steal a nibble for themselves. They like to sleep anywhere but in their own beds. They like to drink water from anywhere but their own water dish (i.e. the toilet, the sink, the dog’s water bowl, your glass of water, etc…) They try to hide from you and get into attack position, even though you can see them as clear as day. They like to pretend windows aren’t there and attack them in hopes of catching that bird outside.

This has been my experience with cats, but I suppose, just like with everything, there are varieties of cats and not all of them are this adventurous. There certainly the fat ones that do nothing but lay around. But not mine, and I love them for it.