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Airports, train stations, bus stations


Airports, train stations, and bus stations are interesting places to people-watch. People arriving and reuniting with their loved ones, people leaving loved ones, smiles and tears, so many emotions…I can’t help but get emotional myself when I see other people expressing their emotions. It’s an interesting way of playing off of others’ emotions. Do people mind that others are watching them in these emotional states? Places like these aren’t exactly private, so they must know that others are watching, either by choice or by accident. For arrivals, I don’t think people necessarily mind if others see their joyous reunions; but for departures and goodbyes, I imagine the spectacle is unwelcome. I don’t go to airports, train stations, and bus stations specifically to people-watch, but when I happen to be there picking someone up, or arriving or departing myself, these are the observations I’ve made. So the next time you’re feeling bored or emotionally stifled, try going to a place of arrival or departure and take pleasure in the reunions, or solace in the goodbyes.