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I think one’s memories and how one thinks about the past has a lot to do with one’s present mindset. For instance, good and pleasant memories can have a positive impact on one’s current state as one reflects on those good memories, and, on the other hand, bad memories can have a negative effect. I’ve discovered this as I’ve gone through both good and bad times and reflected on both. Pleasant memories are ever so rewarding as they can instantly put you in a good mood and inspire you to have similar good times in the future. However, bad memories of sad times are so difficult to get past and can certainly leave you in a rut if you cannot get past them. Lately, I have been reflecting a lot on good memories, and not even on purpose to put me in a good mood, but they just come to me…which is another thing altogether – isn’t it interesting that sometimes certain memories just come to us for no apparent reason? But on further reflection we realize that there is something happening in our present that has subconsciously reminded us of that past memory, and then the two, past and present, become connected.

The implication of the connection between memories and our present state


Memories – what really is their significance beyond simply being memories? When they go beyond only being memories and take hold of our present, when their reality should stay in the past and only linger in the present as memories…but perhaps sometimes we just don’t have the will power to keep them in the past.

Does it ever scare you that your best times in life may be in the past and that you may never experience life as fully or happily as you did at one time? What if the best is already past and not yet to come? This is a scary thought that sometimes hovers over me as I struggle to expel it because I know full well that the past is past and cannot be brought back.

What about how memories relate to the present? I mean, personally, I think we tend to think of the past and relish in memories in a way that immortalizes them and makes them seem better than the events actually were. When I think of certain memories, I associate a distinct feeling with them, and I would do anything to experience that feeling again in the present. But maybe I did not experience the feeling in that moment in the past, but am experiencing it more vividly now in this present moment as I look back on it. Therefore, the memory in the present is almost better than the memory in the past. So perhaps I should not lament the memories and wish they return, but rather relish in the present and enjoy the recollection the memories. Also, in this way, our memory of the past is a false one if it does not accurately represent how we felt in that moment in the past, but rather represents how we are experiencing the memory of the past in the present…