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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The implication of the connection between memories and our present state


Memories – what really is their significance beyond simply being memories? When they go beyond only being memories and take hold of our present, when their reality should stay in the past and only linger in the present as memories…but perhaps sometimes we just don’t have the will power to keep them in the past.

Does it ever scare you that your best times in life may be in the past and that you may never experience life as fully or happily as you did at one time? What if the best is already past and not yet to come? This is a scary thought that sometimes hovers over me as I struggle to expel it because I know full well that the past is past and cannot be brought back.

What about how memories relate to the present? I mean, personally, I think we tend to think of the past and relish in memories in a way that immortalizes them and makes them seem better than the events actually were. When I think of certain memories, I associate a distinct feeling with them, and I would do anything to experience that feeling again in the present. But maybe I did not experience the feeling in that moment in the past, but am experiencing it more vividly now in this present moment as I look back on it. Therefore, the memory in the present is almost better than the memory in the past. So perhaps I should not lament the memories and wish they return, but rather relish in the present and enjoy the recollection the memories. Also, in this way, our memory of the past is a false one if it does not accurately represent how we felt in that moment in the past, but rather represents how we are experiencing the memory of the past in the present…

The inevitable injustice…


Don’t you ever stand back to look at the world and hate the way it works?

There is such a vast disconnect between good and evil in the world, the two extremes never meet and face each other, and therefore the gap between them becomes increasingly more vast. What can be done about this scares me to think that it is virtually an impossible problem to solve.

When thinking about what I want to do with my life I feel that, as a relatively privileged member of society, it is my duty to help others. Not in a charity kind of way, but in a way that can positively make a long-lasting change. Perhaps the obvious way to do this is by working for non-profits for various causes. Or get in involved in the government. The problem with trying to make a change like this is that despite all the hard work you put into it, someone may come along and destroy everything you’ve done. This is the heartbreaking possibility that one must realize when endeavoring to make a change.

With so many tragic problems in the world, where does one begin? This is certainly a struggle I have tried to overcome. What issue or issues have priority? There is certainly no easy answer, so perhaps the one you have to go with is the one you are most passionate about, even if there may be many more pressing matters. Another struggle I ¬†face, is in which way I want to help make an impact. It is not an easy decision, as I want to do what would bring about the most positive impact, and it is hard to tell which way that is until ventured…

My obsession with all things Scandinavian


As of late, or actually for about a year now, I’ve had this fascination with anything having to do with Scandinavia. I suppose it started when I saw the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and fell in love with the scenes of Sweden, the Swedish language, and the overall feeling of the films (setting aside the plot). For the record, I fall in love with a lot of things, least of all people. My interest in Sweden continued when I saw a Swedish band perform at an international music festival this past fall in Bloomington, IN called Movits! Once again, I loved the Swedish language, and their energy and style was amazing. Later in the fall I attended a lecture by a Swedish woman who spoke about women’s suffrage in Sweden. The content of the lecture was interesting, but most of all her personality was fun, which leads me to believe that perhaps the Swedish people as a whole possess good characters. I hope anyway, so as not to be disappointed when I visit one day!

I became further intrigued by Scandinavia when my family and I were talking about taking a trip to Belgium, Denmark, and Holland this summer. I’m not sure whether it will really materialize, but the thought of it certainly evoked excitement in my interest of Scandinavia.

I can only imagine how beautiful the landscape and wilderness is in Scandinavia – I picture forests and hills, and beautiful snowy plains, accompanied of course with animals that remind us how to be graceful in their promenade. What I’ve seen in pictures and movies of the architecture is stunning and certainly unique to the area. How nice it would be to live on a canal…

Perhaps the final thing, for now at least, that inspires my interest in all things Scandinavian is the style, that of interior spaces and furniture. My grandparents have a house full of Scandinavian furniture, which I adore! It’s such a nice quality of wood and the simple, modern, and elegant style is nice to look at, comfortable, and inviting. I’ve also been to a Scandinavian furniture store in Bloomington, IN, once again, and I wish I could buy the whole store! Or at least live in the store…I can’t forget IKEA, while cheap, mass produced furniture, elegant and most importantly, Scandinavian! I also love Scandinavian textiles, the patterns…! Well, I could go on, but I’ll refrain.

Can’t wait to visit all of Scandinavia someday…adventures! Also, I want to see the Northern Lights…what a spectacular show that must be.