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Human touch


Human touch is very important in life, and one need only go some time without it to realize this. Not only do we notice it’s effects when we don’t have it, its importance has been proven scientifically based on children who have not been touched or had much interaction with people at all. Children who do not have contact with a parent or caregiver who offer them their touch have substantial developmental and social problems. But human touch is important throughout one’s life as one gets older as well. Think about those who spend their lives alone without a partner or a family to speak of. I do not have personal experience with this, so I can only imagine how they must feel. I have been lonely though, and I think the lack of human touch would elicit a similar feeling to that of being lonely because it is essentially the same thing, even if someone who is alone does not feel lonely. This brings up another question – is it possible to be alone for a lifetime and not feel lonely? I really cannot say for sure, but I imagine not. I appreciate the human touch that I come into contact with, knowing that not everyone is lucky enough to have it or know what it feels like.

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