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Philosophy and Interiors


It was recently pointed out to me that although I studied Philosophy in college, a rather challenging discipline, I have a great interest in Interior Design and aesthetics in general. There seems to be a lapse between the intellectual pursuit of philosophy and the somewhat shallow interest in home decorating…so how do I reconcile this? I beg to argue that an appreciation for interior spaces is not so shallow and can actually facilitate intellectual thought. For me, it is important to create a beautiful, comfortable space in order to be productive. Doing so actually gets my mind going and inspires me. Creating these spaces is a lot of fun for me and I’m actually almost OCD about it. My surroundings have to be just right, or I feel anxious and have to make a change. Not only do I enjoy creating these cozy spaces for myself, I like to go to  places that reflect a similar kind of look and feeling. In college, some of my most memorable, most productive writing was done at Starbucks, a place that I think exudes a very comfortable and inspiring feeling. For me, interior spaces are not just about the aesthetic they present, but also the feeling they evoke. The comfortable and inspiring feeling, I think, leads to more productive and creative thinking.

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