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Netflix is not the most healthy way to watch television. I’ve recently become obsessed with a show and cannot stop watching it. The nature of Netflix in that it lets you watch episode after episode until you’ve watched about 100 episodes, I would consider unhealthy – especially if it’s a show that gets you hooked and leaves you hanging at the end of every episode. This kind of obsessive watching that I’ve been doing over the past couple of days has caused me to be very tired and distracted at work because all I can think about is watching the next episode (I’m exaggerating a little. I haven’t watched 100 episodes back-to-back and I haven’t been that obsessive, but nevertheless obsessive to a certain extent). So what is the cure to this obsessive behavior? I wonder if Netflix should put a cap on how many episodes one can watch in a row? Taking into consideration, of course, whether it’s a half hour or hour long episode…or maybe we should just be able to exert some self-control stop and watching on our volition. Yes, that’s probably the better option.

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