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If the shoe doesn’t fit…


You know when you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere? With people especially…you don’t fit in with old friends and you don’t fit in with new friends…it’s worrisome because you wonder if you’ll ever fit in with anyone. I think it’s just a reminder that we are fundamentally lonely creatures and even when we’re in the company of others, it’s very easy to feel alone regardless of their presence. But even so, we try to fit in with others to feel some kind of closeness with people, although it can be very frustrating when we’re feeling out of place. You begin to wonder if it’s you or them. Are they just not the right kind of people for you or is there something wrong with you that explains why you’re not feeling in sync with them? Whatever the case may be and although we want to try to form those relationships with people, whether or not they flourish doesn’t really matter since ultimately, we are solitary, lonely creatures.

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