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The fate of the working world


Working a regular 9-5 desk job really shatters one’s creativity. Your time is not your own, and when your time is not your own all you can think about is what you would with time that is your own. So, as miserable as it sometimes may be, it does make you realize what you’re truly passionate about and wish you could be doing. But alas, we all need to make money somehow to survive. So a job’s a job. It seems like most people don’t like their jobs, and those who do are the lucky ones. But I can imagine liking your job when you know what your income is going towards, like the mortgage of a house that you might be really proud of, a family with children that you need to provide for, a nice car perhaps, vacations to places you look forward to going to, pets (which undoubtedly cost money), etc. So may we all strive to like, or even love our jobs!

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