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Brilliance meets unpleasantness



The truth is, brilliant people are usually not very pleasant. It just goes with the territory. There is a certain level of anti-socialness, rudeness, and ruthlessness that goes along with people who are very intelligent, intellectual, or gifted in a certain area. Their talent seems to give them a bit of an excuse to be unpleasant, however frustrating it is for those around them. Examples that come to mind are authors, artists, and world changers such as Jean Paul Sartre, Vincent Van Gogh, and Martin Luther King. Should their brilliance give them an excuse to be unpleasant? My immediate answer is no, but then I wonder if it’s something that they can help or not. Maybe because they are so brilliant they just can’t help but be unpleasant because the world disgusts them so much. It’s like they are too good for the world. So how do we appreciate them for their skills and accomplishments despite their unpleasantness? It’s not easy and requires a tremendous amount of patience, but if we can recognize their passion and rare talent, we can begin to respect and appreciate them.

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