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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Kitchen backslashes


I recently saw the movie, Mother’s Day, and while not a great movie, it was at least entertaining. What did hold my attention though were the kitchens! As a lover of all things related to Interiors, I was so distracted during the scenes that took place in kitchens because all I could focus on was the backsplash or the light fixtures. What also sparked my interest was the fact that one of the characters is an Interior Designer and lands an awesome project, pictured below (interior designer on the right and awesome client on the left). If only it was that easy! Unfortunately I can’t find any pictures of the kitchens, but I guess you’ll just have to see the movie to know what I’m talking about!


The purge


Growing up as a child of art and antique collectors, I am developing an aversion to stuff. It’s not that I don’t like art and antiques; quite the contrary, as I have started collecting both myself and I have boxes of items in the attic to decorate my future place with. But I am starting to detach myself from material objects because stuff can just be so overwhelming, and a minimalist approach seems liberating and freeing. There is a fine line between collecting items that we cherish and actually want to use (yes, serving as decoration counts as a use!) and collecting things for the sake of collecting and wanting to add to that collection over time. The latter is where you can get into trouble and be left with countless things that leave you wondering, “What was I thinking when I bought this?” or “This is not my taste anymore‚Ķ” It’s also hard to find the value in storing things for the future, because honestly, who knows when you’ll actually use them (says the girl who has boxes of things for the future in the attic, which I actually have weeded out!)

As my parents recently had an estate sale and were deciding what to keep or sell, I find myself quick to wanting to sell a lot that I may have previously wanted to keep, because getting rid of things feels so damn good! Here are some pictures from the estate sale, and I was actually very surprised by all that was sold.

Perhaps the solution to the desire to purge stuff, and having a love for collecting antiques, is to have a little antique shop. This way you can still appreciate antiques and they can be part of your life, but they don’t have to take up space in your home.

City of Gold


city-of-gold-documentaryI recently saw the documentary about food critic Jonathan Gold, City of Gold, and it was not only inspiring for the palate, but also for the ethnic niches of Los Angeles. I have not been to Los Angeles, but I certainly want to go there now to try all the little family-owned restaurants featured in the movie. Gold’s ability to find all these little family-owned places is remarkable, and I wonder how he decides which ones to try.


What I found most interesting were the stories of the immigrants coming to this country in search of a better life and ended up opening restaurants in L.A. to support their families. The success they have achieved with their restaurants is inspiring and the success of their children is equally touching. Gold brought up an interesting point about the way in which we can attempt to learn about and understand a culture through its food, and we may think we understand it after eating a fair amount of its food, but that we really only scratch the surface. There was also an interesting discussion of the connection between food and writing about food, that dating back centuries, especially in Chinese history, there are records of writings about food and its importance to a culture.


The power of food, especially visually, is astonishing. In fact, to experience food visually through a movie rather than actually being able to taste it is almost a more powerful experience – maybe because it allows the imagination to dream about how it tastes based on how it looks, when in reality it may not taste as one would expect based on its appearance. So in a way, looking at food and hearing the stories behind it can be more exciting than tasting it with the potential of being disappointed. In any case, check out the movie! Jonathan Gold is entertaining, and it’s a treat for the eyes.



One has to wonder if life is nothing but phases of interests that come and go, or if there is a constant driving force that propels us forward. Lately, as I’ve noticed my interests changing pretty drastically over time, I’m worried that the former might be the case, at least for me. And if that is so, how are we to ever know when we can commit to something without being concerned that we’ll soon move past that phase? I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, as I do believe an ever-evolving, ever-growing nature is healthy and should be cultivated, but it does make it awfully hard to know when we are ready to commit to something…