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Dear Dad


Dear Dad,

All of the things we won’t be able to do anymore…

Those precious steps on my wedding day that we won’t be able to take.

The grandchildren you won’t get to meet and hold and play with.

The movies we won’t be able to go see.

The music we can’t listen to in the car.

The restaurants we can’t go to and the wine and conversation we can’t enjoy.

All of the places we won’t be able to travel to and explore.

The big important life decisions I can’t run by you, over and over again.

The history and the politics you can’t teach me.

The doctors’ appointments you won’t be by my side for.

The failures you won’t be able to comfort me for, and the accomplishments you won’t be able to rejoice in.

Love you, miss you, can’t believe I was lucky enough to be your little girl. Realizing more and more everyday just how lucky I was. Trying to learn how to do life without your guidance, support, and love.