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A love letter to home


It’s been a year since we said goodbye to our beloved home in the Berkshires, and I’m feeling all of the feels. Our little sanctuary. It truly felt like it was too beautiful and too good to be true to call it home.

Whenever I think about it and my time there, I can’t shake the home feeling that I felt there. It’s been 10 years since I’ve lived there, and it still has such a hold on me when it crosses my mind from time to time. Like a great love.

I envisioned a future there, having a family there, hosting friends there, and continuing to build a home there, which I spent a lot of time doing while I was there, and it brought me so much joy.

One of my favorite things was the air. It was fresh and overpowering every time I stepped outside. And hearing the birds, happy in their beautiful home.

My year there was one of the happiest years of my adult life. It’s hard to believe that it was only a year. It felt like a lifetime. I felt so free there. My mind was clear and at peace. I think I felt like the best version of myself there, that year. It’s curious to think about whether or not I would feel the same way if I had a year there now, or if there was something so special about that year at that time in my life, and it wouldn’t be the same now. I presume it wouldn’t be the same now. Which makes me think back on that time with even greater love and amazement. And I’ve had happy life experiences in their own right since then.

How things change and evolve in life. The different paths that it takes and the adventures that it traverses. To bring us to where we are now.

Reflections on an age-old question…is happiness worth it if it’s only temporary?


One has to wonder if something temporary, while it may bring you extreme joy, is really worth it since it’s only temporary. Most of the time, when we go into things, we don’t know how long they will last. In this case, it seems only logical to enjoy it as ┬ámuch as possible because for all you know, it will go on indefinitely. But if you go into something and you know it’s going to be temporary, how do you compensate for the fact that you know it will make you happy in the moment, or for a short time, but then have to give it up and live without it?

On the one hand, it seems most logical not to indulge in temporary happiness in order to avoid missing it when it’s gone. But that would be far too easy. On the other hand, what usually ends up happening, is that you indulge in the temporary happiness because you simply cannot resist it. And the fact that you’ll have to give it up and live without it eventually just isn’t something that you can fathom in the moment.

But then what do you do when it’s over? This is what you should have thought about before when you were deciding whether or not temporary happiness was worth it, but couldn’t possibly imagine at the time. The hard part of missing it and wanting it back is definitely there, and what is the cost? Sorrow. Then you have to ask yourself questions like: was it worth it? Yes. Would you have traded the temporary happiness and avoided sorrow? No. So even then, when you wouldn’t trade the temporary happiness for anything, you still have to deal with the sorrow somehow. Yes, this is the hard part. But knowing that you put yourself into something completely and gave yourself to it completely, in spite of the fact that you knew it was temporary, can be very empowering. And that is exhilarating, despite the sorrow.



What’s the point of being sad about things in the world that you can’t change? People that are happy are live better and they shouldn’t be thought of as shallow or selfish just because they don’t think about the sad things in the world. It’s certainly worth a try to BE happy.