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Moments, feelings, thoughts are so fleeting that I don’t know how anyone can ever know for certain how they think or feel about something. This is my experience anyway. I may feel something at one point, but it is rarely constant or continuous, so it is really hard to know how I actually feel. Moments – well these are obviously fleeting, although sometimes we can relive them after they have passed. This can be both dangerous, because it’s not good to live in the past at the expense of missing the present, and beautiful, because you can recreate positive memories, like a happy travel experience, with no detrimental consequences. Thoughts likewise come and go, and sometimes they go too soon, leaving you with no chance to fully formulate them cohesively. This can be extremely frustrating, as can fleeting feelings and moments, not to mention heartbreaking at times. I guess this is life though, at least as I experience it. I am curious if other people have similar ailments, as I might call them, because they can sometimes be debilitating, while not physically, certainly emotionally.



Interacting with people can sometimes be exhausting. Trying to be polite, think of things to say, read how the other person is feeling/what they’re thinking, etc. can be very tiring. Sometimes it’s just easier to be alone with your own thoughts and not have to worry about conversation with others. I think this is due to the introvert in me, but I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing. There is a lot to be said for dedicating time to one’s thoughts because ultimately I think it leads to a better understanding of oneself and, in turn, of the world around us.

What is in the minds of others?



Do you ever wonder what is inside other peoples’ heads? And what you would learn if you could have access to their thoughts – not only their thoughts, but also their perceptions and feelings of things? This seems like a rather obvious thought, but it occurred to me when I saw the new movie,¬†Lincoln. Firstly, Daniel Day Lewis’ performance in the film is extraordinary, which is perhaps why this notion dawned on me during the movie. But what if we could gain insight into what others were thinking? Our lives and our thoughts seem to be so self-centered that sometimes we forget that other people have thoughts, perceptions, and feelings different from our own. And I just think it would be so interesting if we could get a little peek at what those thoughts are…

“…the form is the same but not the substance.”


I’m currently reading a book called The Glass Room¬†by Simon Mawer and there was this sentence that struck me, “…the form is the same but not the substance.” I often think of this notion in relation to shadows and the actual shape that they represent, and dreams and the life they represent. Shadows are the same form of the shape they represent, but not the same substance. This is clear. For example, the shadow of myself walking down the sidewalk may have the same form outlining my body, but it certainly isn’t the same substance – my shadow is not actually myself and does not contain anything that makes up the essence of myself. Yet both myself and my shadow share the same form. So in this way, it can be very disillusioning as to what is the real thing and what isn’t the real thing, even though they may both have the same form and look generally the same.

And when it comes to dreams, it seems as though our dreams are a reflection of the thoughts we have while we are awake and conscious of our thoughts. So they seem similar, yet they are slightly different because they are experienced in different realms of consciousness. It is thought that our dreams are things that we worry about or are on our minds subconsciously. Therefore, it seems as though our dreams are shadows of our thoughts while we are conscious and awake. But how can we know? What if our dream state is the real thing and our conscious ‘awakeness’ is actually the shadow? I’m sure psychologists that study sleep and dreams would argue otherwise, for the former; however, I often wonder if my dreams are somehow more real than my life when I am awake…

In any case, it is interesting to think about the difference between form and substance, shadows and the objects they represent, and dreams and the thoughts they represent.