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Monthly Archives: January 2015

You and Me


I heard this song during the Parenthood series finale the other night and I just thought it was a lovely song. It was played during an emotional scene while the family was having their pictures taken at Sarah’s wedding, which was a nice overview of all the characters and their relationships with one another during the final episode. Of course, emotions always play in role in how we perceive something, so I really enjoyed this song as it was played during this scene. Also, this is a beautiful video.

Berkshire seasons


The Berkshires take on different auras throughout the seasons. Autumn is arguably the most spectacular season and people travel to Berkshires just to see the fall foliage, but all of the seasons are endearing in their own way. These are pictures of the four seasons in all their glory.




DSC_3528 - Version 2







What is our fascination with babies? I have to admit, I myself sometimes indulge in that fascination, but why? What is it about babies that drives people mad with admiration and joy? I don’t particularly have any desire to have children, but I still get giddy when I see a really cute child, but I don’t know why since I don’t want one myself. Or when we’re holding a baby, which I was doing recently, and we stare at him or her in anxious anticipation of eliciting a reaction – a smile, a laugh, or any kind of sign of interaction with us. We also admire whatever adorably cute outfit they have on and praise the parents for dressing them so well. Although there are people who claim to truly hate babies, I think to a certain extent, we are naturally drawn to babies and are fascinated by them because we can’t quite understand them. We recognize that we were all babies at one time, but we can’t remember that time in our lives and what it was like to be a baby, so the peculiarity about what babies can see or understand or what they make of us intrigues us.



Because film creates magic…

I’m sorry for the poor image quality. I definitely encourage you watch the real thing…the final scene of Amelie (or even better, watch the whole thing!)