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It’s amazing how sometimes we can see things with such clarity, confidence, and excitement, and other times be struck with fear, apprehension, and indecision. If this is sounding a little bit like bipolar disorder, that’s not what I’m getting at. It’s not an extreme fluctuation in mood and emotion, but rather a fluctuation in outlook and attitude towards things. The difference, I think, is that what I’m talking about is dependent on outside factors that infringe upon us, rather than internal insecurities and fears that run rampant, as is the case with bipolar disorder (this is all coming from someone who has never had bipolar disorder – I am simply trying to point out what the difference is, in my humble opinion).

So how do we compensate for this vast difference in outlook, which can affect our lives in such dramatic ways? For example, it can affect how much (or how little) we choose to go after a career, how we choose to approach relationships and people we care about, how we treat others based on how we feel about ourselves, etc. It’s hard to find that middle ground, realize when we’re there, and are at a point where we can make decisions and move forward  from that unbiased position with the most clarity we can hope to have. It truly might be impossible to realize when we’re at that point, so we can’t necessarily wait to reach that point. We might just have to go for it.

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