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Theory vs. Emotion in Film


When we say we like a movie, what are we really saying? Sure we can appreciate and admire ¬†films for their form or content and we can like them for the ideas they convey or for their beautiful cinematography, but what is it that leads us to say we like a certain film? It’s the feeling they evoke in us. There are film theorists who will go great lengths to describe what signs are present in films that cause us to like them, or the ways in which certain films connote or denote things that make them ‘good’ films. But I don’t think that all that theorizing gets to the heart of what makes us like films. I think the power of film really lies in how they make us feel, rather than certain qualities that might be inherent in the film. How often do we like films solely because of their form or content and cast aside the emotions they evoke in us? Perhaps there are truly genuine film connoisseurs who can look at a film only for the ways in which it excels in terms of its medium (and I’m sure there are), but I find it virtually impossible to separate my emotions from my appreciation for a film while I am watching it. If this makes me an average film spectator, then so be it. I would rather remain an emotional film spectator than take the emotion out of the film-vieweing experience and look at films purely from an intellectual¬†standpoint.



Because I don’t want to be anyone else.

Because I don’t want to look like anyone else.

Because I don’t want to have a different ethnic heritage than I do.

Because I don’t want to have any other parents than those that I do.

Because I don’t want to have different abilities, mentally or physically.


These are the reasons I am grateful for the way that my life is and don’t wish for it to be any different. Knowing how to be content with the way you are, including circumstances that you can’t change, is not only valuable but also necessary in order to make it in this world.