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Because I don’t want to be anyone else.

Because I don’t want to look like anyone else.

Because I don’t want to have a different ethnic heritage than I do.

Because I don’t want to have any other parents than those that I do.

Because I don’t want to have different abilities, mentally or physically.


These are the reasons I am grateful for the way that my life is and don’t wish for it to be any different. Knowing how to be content with the way you are, including circumstances that you can’t change, is not only valuable but also necessary in order to make it in this world.

“Joie de vivre”



Some people just have more ‘life’ in them than others – more things they’ve done, more things they want to do, and more creative minds that take them to different places. My grandfather was such a person, and upon his recent death, my mother and I have been examining his life as we’ve been trying to write his obituary. I’m just amazed by all that he has done – not that everything he did was terribly significant, although some things certainly were, but it’s the little things like his hobbies and interests that add up to a remarkable life. He was a fantastic photographer (although not professionally trained) and set up his own darkroom in his house to develop pictures, he was an accomplished pianist (which ran in the family), he traveled extensively throughout Europe with my grandmother, he had several careers as a teacher, journalist and professor, he had an intellect that I haven’t seen surpassed by anyone else that I’ve encountered (although I’ve had some fantastic professors that have come close), and was an art collector & chess player. He fled his homeland due to political unrest and left his family behind, never to see them again, lived in four countries ranging two continents, and knew four languages. He wrote several scholarly books and articles and, most importantly, he had a tremendous sense of humor. He made fun of people, criticized everything, and had very strong opinions regarding politics; but now, looking back, it was all in good fun (maybe). As I think about all these things that my grandfather has done and accomplished, I just can’t fathom that someone could have the enthusiasm to do all those things with and the heart to survive some of the things that he has. It’s really amazing to me. Like I said, some people just have more ‘life’ in them than others.



We build up worlds, or lives, up around us, but what happens when they fall apart? I’ve noticed this recently as my routine and my livelihood are constantly changing and it’s hard to know what my reality is. It’s a very strange feeling. But are our realities supposed to be constant, or is it only natural that they are always changing as we ourselves are constantly evolving? I guess only time and further experiences and changes will tell…

If my life was a movie…


If my life was a movie, it would only be two hours long.

If my life was a movie, I wouldn’t have to do any real work. It would just appear as if I was doing work…my workday would be 1 minute long.

If my life was a movie, my relationships wouldn’t be real; they would just seem effortless and perfect.

If my life was a movie, there would be music playing in the background during happy and sad moments.

If my life was a movie, I would look perfect all of the time.

If my life was a movie, I would be somewhere else in the world besides Indiana.

If my life was a movie, I would have a fantastic wardrobe.

If my life was a movie, money would be no object.

I wish life was like a picture book that we could look at


I wish life was like a picture book that we could look at…