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A little voyage to Paris


“Three Perfect Days in Paris” by Boyd Farrow


I was on a plane last week, one of my least favorite places to be since flying makes me anxious, but this article about Paris that I came across in the Hemispheres magazine made it much more enjoyable. And although flying makes me nervous I have to say I love watching the landing as we’re approaching the destination and I don’t think it’s necessarily solely because I know I’ll soon be safely on the ground; it’s just such a cool view from up there. Anyway, I was completely engrossed in this article and the flight was more pleasant because of it. I went to Paris one summer when I was in high school and it is every bit as magical as Boyd Farrow recounts in his travelogue. It definitely transported me back to my visit there and makes me want to go back to go to some of the places he mentions. And how about the photographs…I especially like the one of the three Parisians basking in the light of their beautiful city. They look like characters from a French movie (Jules et Jim by François Truffaut,  The Dreamers by Bernardo Bertolucci, and Band of Outsiders by Jean-Luc Godard come to mind). I’m just waiting for them to break into that infamous dance scene at the cafe in Band of Outsiders. 


These are some of my favorite quotes from the article to give you a sampling of the delight that’s in store for you:

“I sit down with my giant cheese and watch as people file in and light votives or stealthily angle their phones for the ultimate shot: a selfie with Jesus.”

“By the time we leave, I’m so relaxed I hail a cab standing in the middle of the street. The driver looks terrified. Now, if I could only remember where I put my room key.”

“Everywhere here has a real community feel. You tend to keep an eye on your neighbors’ kids; you know your butcher, baker, and florist. In most big cities, people don’t live like that anymore.”

“In Jacques Genin’s showroom-size chocolate shop on lively Rue de Turenne, a loved-up couple agonizes over a chocolate display as if choosing an engagement ring. I’m agonizing too, over how many kirsch caramels I dare take from the sample jar.”


And I just love the way the article ends, tying in the iconic kiss photograph by Robert Doisneau. So romantic…

“As I thread my way through the crowd, a young Frenchwoman bumps into me, spilling wine down my shirt. Being English, I apologize. She smiles, kisses my cheek, and disappears. Okay, so it’s not a Robert Doisneau moment, but it’s not a bad way to say goodnight to the city—the Eiffel Tower to the west, its sparkling light show reminding us that the clock has just struck 12.”

I’ll stop here so that you actually read the full article because it’s such a treat! Thank you, Boyd, for transporting us to the magic that is Paris.


Film meets philosophy


Jean-Luc Godard

What a wonderful combination of one of my favorite directors and a female philosopher I greatly admire. Jean-Luc Godard reads Hannah Arendt’s “On the Nature of Totalitarianism.”


Enjoy it here!

Dancing in cafes


This scene from Jean-Luc Godard‘s Band of Outsiders is one of my favorite scenes in all of film. Ana Karina is classically stunning as usual and the dance number is infectious and longs to be mimicked. While there is a voice-over describing what the characters are thinking, the dancing itself doesn’t really serve any purpose in the film’s narrative. It is simply there for its own sake and for the audience to take pleasure in, which is what makes it so great.



Film is a passion of mine that inspires me to capture images in a way that gracefully represents the world and the lives in it. It allows us to manipulate time and the way in which things happen. This can be unsettling because it suggests that nothing is as it seems or appears, which is certainly true in some if not all instances. On the other hand, it allows for the possibility to create worlds that elude the restrictions of time and place. This is what makes film beautiful and renders it art in a way that no other expression of creativity can.

This past summer I took a film production class and made three short (very short) films. Although not the first time I attempted to create short films, it was the first time I had access to professional equipment and instruction. I had attempted to make a couple little films (music videos) some years back when I was younger and less experienced, and however amateur they were, they propelled my interest of film-making. Therefore I jumped on the opportunity to take a class in which I would learn more refined techniques and be able to use better equipment. The result were two literary and historically inspired silent pieces, which although not perfect by any means, I am quite proud of. As a group project I also made a dialogue scene, which I am less enthusiastic about. But overall, they were so fun to make and certainly would not have been the same without the people in them. I really hope to make some other films, as I enjoy the whole creative, filming, and editing process so much!

I also love watching films, which is perhaps why I became interested in making films. My favorite director is Jean-Luc Godard (set aside the cliche please!) because his dialogue and symbolism are unquestionably original and inspiring. The actors in his films are also the best, Jean-Paul Belmondo & Anna Karina in particular.

My short films can be seen at: Youtube/Eagermarionette (The Great Gatsby, Revisited & I’m Gonna Gitcha)